For so long, it’s been assumed that we all have to follow the same communication processes that the company requires us to use to do our jobs. This may be true, but within that, there are intricacies which can help ensure the best communications possible in a given scenario, equally there are some things which cause frustration and unless otherwise shared, noone would know they caused a problem to you.

I’ve been trying to work on understanding how I could make my team dynamics more accessible for all and allow everyone to have their own specific needs met. In a world where we are becoming more accepting of all kinds of diverse individuals, surely it’s ok for someone to express their frustration at people asking questions without any context over IM and expecting an answer?

So I’ve pulled together some key sections below and created my own which I will also attach below:

Why Do I have a Readme?

Everyone is different, everyone has different things which make them tick, different things that annoy them and different preferences for communication. I’d like to give anyone who needs to know, an insight into how I work best and how to get the best out of me when you need me to do something.

How Best to Communicate With Me
  • <what are some of your preferred comms methods>
  • If it’s urgent, <insert best way>
How Do You Book A Meeting with Me?
  • <insert ways you prefer meetings to be booked>
Icebreaker Topics
  • <topics people could ask you about>
What Makes Me Tick
  • <things that put you in a good mood and help with communication>
What Quirks do I have which you should be aware of?
  • <some things you may do which may seem unusual, but it is important for you to be yourself>
Things that frustrate me
  • <things people should avoid when communicating with you>

Hopefully these will help you find a way to communicate your preferences with other and improve communications across teams in your setup.

See below for my personal readme on this.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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