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I am Simon Prior, I’m a passionate Test Leader who has now worked across CyberSecurity, Retail, Gaming and Airline industries. I have worked as a developer, build engineer, Scrum Master, QA Engineer, QA manager and Programme Test Manager in previous roles. I’ve spoken at a few testing conferences. My passion is helping people grow professionally in the software industry, and I regularly gives career talks on Testing and IT in schools and universities.

I live in Aylesbury with my Wife and my two sons. I am also a passionate Peterborough United fan (for my sins!), am a semi-keen runner and enjoy sports such as Football and Tennis.

In May 2015, I set up the Aylesbury Tester Gathering and we started meeting bi-monthly for talks and networking. This has now morphed into MoTBucks with my awesome Co-Host Stu Johnson (http://wildtests.wordpress.com). This has been virtual throughout 2020 but will get back to physical events in 2021 (hopefully)

In May 2020, along with 3 friends and awesome test leaders, we launched the Testing Peers podcast, talking about testing and leadership. Check out Testing Peers on all podcast providers or at http://TestingPeers.com

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