Sponsor an Event


For the session on 2nd July, the food and drink provided came at personal expense for me, which I felt was the right thing to do but this won’t be feasible for all events. Therefore we are looking for sponsors for all evening events. The sponsorship should be to cover the cost of food and drink for the evening, this can be anything from cakes and nibbles to meals for all depending on how much sponsorship you are willing to give and as the sponsor, you can have full say on food and drink for the evening.

If you would like to sponsor an event, please contact aylesbury.testers@gmail.com with details of:

  • Who you are and who you represent
  • Which event you would like to sponsor
  • How much?
  • Food and drink choices
  • A logo and twitter handle we can use on webpage and tweets

Sponsors for our events:

Initial Meetup: Camelot Global

2nd July – Simon Prior

22nd September – Gurock Software

17th November – Gurock Software

19th January – Gurock Software

7th March – Pivotal

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