London BUPA 10km

I am running the BUPA London 10km Race on May 30th and I have chosen to raise money for MENCAP.

Having grown up with my sister Amy who has Asperger’s, and living with my fiancee Heather who is a teacher who has worked with children like Amy, MENCAP has always been a charity close to my heart. The work they do to aid children and adults with learning disabilities is amazing. I know from times spent with Amy and her friends that these people deserve the best and Mencap can certainly help to make their lives more rewarding.

So this run has given me the chance to raise money for a great cause and also get into shape for mine and Heather’s Wedding in August!

So, if you can, please dig deep and donate.

Thank you


Hello World!

As with everything, we have to start somewhere. I am going to use this platform to discuss my thoughts on a range of technical topics. Whether that be software engineering process or my woes with tools.

Ever since I started my career just over 4 years ago as a CyberCrime researcher to the cross roads I find myself at now, I have discovered so much and learnt even more. I didn’t know what Scrum or Agile meant, I had only written simple perl and C++ applications and I hadn’t touched anything other than a windows OS. Life seemed so much simpler back then but I wouldn’t change anything for the world now!